People Analytics Intern, Google

Manager: Aiwa Shirako, PhD
Location: Mountain View, CA (remote)
Dates: May 2021-August 2021

Responsibilities: Examined Google employee psychological adjustment during COVID-19. Conducted multilevel modeling and longitudinal data analysis in R. Findings served as the foundation for the YouTube Mental Health 2022 focus and expanded dissemination of employee wellbeing resources. Wrote a literature review on mental health risks and interventions for employees who deal with sensitive material (DWSM). Results informed survey items included in the DWSM Q3 survey, changed candidate screening procedures, and informed DWSM program direction. Designed a technology-based experimental study for DWSM employees. Contributed to survey design and item selection. Successfully navigated legal and privacy recommendations and requirements. Present results to Google executives and make recommendations regarding Google employee policy.

Statistical Consultant, UC Berkeley

Using grant funds from Gavin Newsom, evaluated the efficacy of socio-emotional learning (SEL) on child development in schools across the Northern California region. Used data insights to inform the development and implementation of a continuous improvement process aimed at improving systemic social-emotional learning in California. Supported the development of measures for systemic social-emotional learning; prepared data for sharing with communities of practice. Supported the development, analysis, and writing of materials for sharing learnings with government, private, and university stakeholders. Consulted on the development and implementation of micro-surveys for the Greater Good in Education website to assess teachers’ use of evidence-based SEL tools globally.

Program Evaluation Researcher

Supervisor: David S. Wood, PhD
Location: Levi, Utah (remote)
Dates: June 2017 - Present

Responsibilities: Design program evaluation studies. Program surveys in Qualtrics. Gather, organize, and analyze survey data; publish findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Statistical Consultant, Brigham Young University

Supervisor: Gordon Limb, PhD
Location: Provo, Utah
Dates: February 2019 - Present

Responsibilities: Provide statistical, analytical, and manuscript preparation services for four assistant professors utilizing large secondary datasets. Projects thus far have utilized path analysis, mediation analysis, latent class analysis, and categorical data analysis in Stata and Mplus.

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Michigan

Supervisor: Shawna J. Lee, PhD
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Dates: September 2018 - Present

Responsibilities: Examine parenting and family processes across contexts using survey data from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study (FFCWS), UNICEF MICS, Building Strong Families (BSF), and the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID). Utilize Bayesian estimation, longitudinal modeling, mediation and moderation analysis, categorical data analysis, piecewise analysis, latent class analysis, and structural equation modeling in Stata, Mplus, and R.

Graduate Research Assistant, Brigham Young University

Supervisors: Stacey A. Shaw, Ph.D., Gordon E. Limb, Ph.D., Taeya Howell Ph.D.
Location: Provo, UT
Dates: August 2016-July 2018

Responsibilities: Gathered and analyzed survey and intervention data from samples of vulnerable populations to elucidate risk and resilience factors. Prepared and published multiple quantitative and mixed methods manuscripts for publication. Assisted in writing, obtaining, and utilizing a $22,000 grant. Designed and implemented a randomized-controlled trial of a parenting intervention among
refugees in Malaysia. Analyzed archival, experimental, qualitative, and longitudinal survey data and prepared manuscripts for publication.

AmeriCorps Program Evaluation Researcher

Analyzed quantitative and qualitative survey data from AmeriCorps supervisors. Wrote program evaluation document for the AmeriCorps program in Utah.