Child and Family Therapist, Heron Ridge Associates

Supervisor: Derrick Harris, LMSW
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dates: November 2018-present

Responsibilities: Provide individual and family outpatient therapy specializing in trauma and child maltreatment. Conduct mental health assessments and formulate treatment plans. Specializations in parental discipline, PTSD, child therapy, anxiety, faith transitions, women’s health.

Case Coordinator and Data Specialist, The Children's Justice Center

Supervisor: Susanne Mitchell, MSW
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Dates: January 2016-August 2016

Responsibilities: Counseled and educated parents of child victims and witnesses of abuse prior to child forensic interview and data collection; coordinated with multi-disciplinary team to schedule and child forensic interviews and conduct staffings regarding child physical and sexual abuse; implemented crisis intervention, follow-up support, community referrals, and criminal justice advocacy skills; ensured reliable recording of evidence of victim and witness forensic interviews.

Social Work Intern, Primary Children's Center for Counseling

Supervisor: Linda Vernon, LCSW
Location: Taylorsville, Utah
Dates: August 2017-April 2018

Responsibilities: Conducted individual and family therapy for children ages 3-17. Led mental health assessments and formulated treatment plans. Specialized in emotion regulation, trauma, domestic violence, depression, and stepfamilies.

Social Work Intern, The Green House Center for Growth & Learning

Supervisor: Collette Dawson-Loveless, LCSW
Location: Pleasant Grove, Utah
Dates: April 2017-August 2017

Responsibilities: Conducted individual and family therapy sessions specializing in interpersonal violence. Led DBT and Social Skills therapy groups for children, adolescents, and young adults ages 3-25 who had experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neglect. Conducted a program evaluation research project examining the efficacy of neurofeedback – published manuscript in peer-reviewed journal.

Social Work Intern, Resilient Solutions Inc.

Supervisor: Becky Andrews, LCMHC
Location: Bountiful, Utah
Dates: January 2015-April 2015

Responsibilities: Conducted group and individual therapy session with licensed therapists; contacted area physicians, hospitals, and clinics to increase awareness of Resilient Solutions’ services; assisted licensed mental health professionals with paperwork, note filing, group therapy organization, development of outreach programs, billing, and conferences.

Social Work Intern, Solstice East Residential Treatment Center

Supervisor: Kyle Gillett, Ph.D.
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Dates: May 2015

Responsibilities: Observed and helped conduct individual and group therapy sessions for adolescents ages 13-18; provided psychoeducation to delinquent, abused, and neglected adolescents.